ATTENTION, I’ve Moved! :)

Call me Fifth Harmony because this blog of mine is Miss Movin’ On to a new url!


Yes, you can now find all of my lovely, fun posts taking on the world of music and entertainment at the simple

because I’d thought taking my name out would make it more professional (well, as professional as DOPC ever really gets, I’m not above jokes and making things fun!).

I hope to see everyone there! There’s definitely more to come, and the only thing that’s changed is the destination!

Once again, it’s now

Please go there instead!!!




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About Me :) Hi. My name is Dana Maynard (or Lovato, Horan, Hemmings, or any of my other celeb crushes last names haha) I am a professional fangirl who would love to share my views on entertainment and popular culture with anyone that cares to listen! I have had a strong passion/obsession for the music and entertainment industry ever since being introduced to Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Mainstream radio when I was in 5th grade. I'm going to bring you the latest news, reviews of single songs, music vids, albums and concerts and everything you need to know about! Fast Facts Age: 18 Location: Dallas TX, about to be Nashville TN Point in life: About to start college Planned Major: Entertainment Journalism I am Probably: Listening/singing to music Being on the internet Fangirling Reading Eating Sleeping Watching Tv/Youtube Postering my room Biking Swimming, Playing games, Celebrity crushing. Favorite Singers/Celebs: Demi Lovato (My queen and my everything!), One Direction (Supported these funny, talented, down-to-earth boys since X factor! Fave in group: Niall) Taylor Swift (Her lyrics are brilliant, her shows are amazing and she's America's Sweetheart) 5 Seconds of Summer (These guys are such rockstars! Fave in group: Luke) The faves section of this site contains news on just these people. Fave Actor or Actress: Jennifer Lawrence because she's hilariously awkward. Fave Male Youtuber: The charming Joey Graceffa. Fave Female Youtuber: The hilarious Miranda Sings. Fave Viner: Hilarious cutie Cameron Dallas Fave Color: Purple Pets: A golden mutt/dog Ryan A brown cat Mugwump (I didn't name him) Current Foster cat A green quaker parrot Spigglepig. Fave Food: Most chocolates (especially kit-kats), Nutella, and Pizza. Fave Websites: Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube Celeb Autographs I own: MY FAVE/QUEEN Demi Lovato Ariana Grande (personalized) Nick Jonas Shawn Mendes Josh Hutcherson Ryan Beatty (singer) Celebs that follow me on Twitter: Fifth Harmony band account Shawn Mendes (singer) Jacob Whitesides (singer) Jack Gilinsky (1/2 of singer/rapper duo Jack and Jack), The band Emblem 3 plus both individual members Keaton and Wesley Stromberg Hey Violet band account(Pop-Rock group that opens for 5sos) and 1/4 members (Miranda Miller) Conor Maynard (British Singer that happens to share my last name) Janoskians (Australian Youtuber comedy group) group account and 3/5 members (Jai Brooks, Beau Brooks, and James Yammouni) Ricky Dillon (Youtuber) My Media Twitter: @DanatheFangirl Instagram: @DanatheFangirl Tumblr: @GlitterLovatoHoranSwift13 (Fan account) ,@Nightmaredressedlikeadibbles (Taylor Swift account), @glitter-chocolate-randomness (Personal account) Youtube: @DanaLovesSingersandYoutubers (Only for likes and faves) Vine: @DanatheFangirl (Only for likes and revines)

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